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A day to remind us that each of us has both the capacity and the duty to help keep this beautiful Earth beautiful for many years to come. It’s a day to celebrate nature and its magnificence, but also it’s a day to look at the things we can do to make this planet more magnificent.

In a recent poll taken by Huffington Post, Americans are less concerned with the Earth now than when Earth Day began in 1970. What, how can this be you might ask yourself? We have so much more technology and young people are more interested in helping the planet than ever before, right? Actually that’s wrong. Society today is worried about “yoloing”, and the newest app they can download on their smartphone. They’re worried about the economy and which celebrity made the biggest blunder. They’re worried about their weight and what new party dress they should buy for the summer.bison

As Walt Kelly said “We have met the enemy and he is us.” Us humans have become the problem with our Earth, and us humans ultimately will be the cause of its demise.
We don’t have to sit back and watch our beautiful, magnificent Earth that we call home disintegrate before our eyes. We can pull together and take a stand. Together we have the power to the change the world for the better. Together we have the power to support and sustain the planet that we call home.

So what. you may ask, can I do right now to change the world? Being informed is a start, and continuing to soak up knowledge and education on our environment and the fluctuations that are occurring not just yearly but daily.

Our green team here at Johns Plumbing HVAC have pulled together a few steps you can take right now though. These aren’t an answer to the problem of the growing apathy towards the environment, but they will enable you to take a stand and hopefully be an example to those around you.

1. STOP DRINKING WATER OUT OF PLASTIC WATER BOTTLES. The International Bottled Water Association says that in the top 10 global markets alone, people consumed more than 61 billion gallons of bottled water in 2011. AND IT’S JUST TAP WATER! You virtually are paying $500 a year for bottled tap water and aiding to the 50 billion plastic bottles that end up in U.S landfills each year, when really you could be drinking your own tap water by means of a filtration system. A whole house filtration system makes a healthier life for you and your family and also extends the life of you hot water heater and your plumbing fixtures!
2. PLANT A TREE. Trees and shrubs alike are great for the environment, but moreso they are good to help shade your home! Did you know a tree-shaded lawn can make a sunny yard up to six degrees cooler? And a shaded lawn can be 25 degrees cooler than sunny pavement?tree
3. INSTALL ENERGY EFFICIENT APPLIANCES. Energy efficient dishwashers and clothes washers can help reduce energy by these appliances by up to 50%.
4. LOOK AT YOUR WATER HEATER. Old water heaters are inefficient and actually may be costing you more when it comes to your home water bill!
5. INSULATE YOUR PIPES. Insulate and bring outside running pipes indoors. Insulating pipes helps to reduce the amount of heat loss as water travels from your heater to your faucet.
6. GET A NEW THERMOSTAT. By installing a programmable thermostat, you can set pre-determined temperature levels that help save energy and improve your comfort. When used properly, this device can save residents about $150 annually!

As Henry David Thoreau once said, “What is the use of a house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on?” We need to be awake to the inconvenient truths that we won’t have our homes let alone this earth if we keep living the way that we do. Go beyond trying to save money and “being green” this Earth Day and make a commitment to protect our environment. Make Earth Day not just a day but a lifestyle!

earth dayhttp://blog.americanhvacparts.com/earth-day-ideas-to-use-year-round/


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